Names / Calls on SotaWatch

I have noticed that whilst SotaWatch seems to know that G6WRW, GM6WRW and GW6WRW are all the same person and correctly shows the operators name, it does not do this when some other Country pre-fixes are used (such as W6/G6WRW which appeared a short time ago).

Can this be changed / fixed ?

Stewart G0LGS

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Hi Stewart

It looks like it depends on where the spot is generated from, via the 'net is ok.


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Interesting / Puzzling !


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It’s more involved than that! Your W6/G6WRW via SMS doesn’t show you as Carolyn but not registered, the W6/G6WRW via SOTAwatch direct shows you as Carolyn. A spot from me via SMS as MM0FMF shows me as Andy even though it’s the same path as your W6/G6WRW that doesn’t show a name!

At this point on Friday evening after 2 glasses of Shiraz I’m not going to look at any software as the urge to tweak is too great. Sadly these Shiraz enhanced tweaks are normally suboptimal! :slight_smile:


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these Shiraz enhanced tweaks are normally suboptimal! :slight_smile:

Just occasionally I’ve known an Old Peculiar enhanced view to reveal a bug that a day’s un-enhanced hunting had failed to expose, but usually… :wink:

73, Rick M0LEP/VK(6)