Name of the summit does not correspond.

Hello everyone!

When the name of a Summit Sota does not correspond to the situation of the real summit, who should I contact to request the change? It would be interesting to change it to avoid making mistakes in the preparation.

It would be “Cerro del Espino” not “Peña Sangarba”.

Peña Sangarba EA2/ZG-037


Captura de pantalla_2024-05-06_16-38-31
Captura de pantalla_2024-05-06_16-52-21

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Contact the association manager.


How to know who is it?

Sotadata states there is no Region manager or it’s Mr ,


Ah yes, EA2 AM was EA2CW but he resigned. We tried to persuade Guru EA2IF (sk) to do the job. He didn’t want to be AM but provided amazing amount of help and support to the SOTA MT right up till his untimely death.

Please use the Contact MT form to report the problem (even though it will have been spotted on here.) Filling in the form gets the request logged directly with the SOTA MT.


Ok, thanks.