NA6MG - Double Mountain Goat

Congratulations go to Dan, NA6MG, for achieving Double Mountain Goat status by accumulating over 2000 activator points. Dan has tirelessly been activating the summits, mostly in southern California. He has provided me with many chaser points and I applaud his efforts. I am proud to have been involved with his getting 2000 today. Way to go, Dan!!!

Congrats Dan!

Congratulations, Dan!
Mikel EA2CW

Congratulations, Dan! You are, by far, my top chased Activator with 110 contacts to date. I hope to hear you on many more!
73, Walt NE4TN

Congrats Dan! Lets hope we can work you agn with better condx on 12M…

73’s Karel ON4FI

In reply to WA6RIC:WTG Dan Great Job
Thanks for the Many SoTA Contacts and Chaser Points.
Look who is Top of my List here.
My top chased activators

Position Activator Callsign Count
1 NA6MG/P 109
2 DF2GN/P 56
3 WA7JTM/P 51
4 KD5ZZK/P 49
5 HB9BCB/P 43
6 WA2USA/ 42
7 KX0R/P 41
8 KI4SVM/P 40
9 WS0TA/P 40
10 AC4M/P 38
Thanks Again
73 de Dow W4DOW
#1 Chaser in W4V

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Congratulations Dan! We chasers really appreciate how often you climb. In the short time I have been chasing, we have worked each other 238 times. You almost always have a great signal. On the days I can’t seem to work you it’s always sucky propagation that is the culprit. Thanks again Dan. 72 & 73 de Scotty

Rick, thanks! Also, thanks for all the help while I’m up in your area. We’ll have to get together at for an eyeball Q. Maybe over at Indian Wells Brewing Co to down a beer. Well, maybe 2.

Hal, thanks. Back from EU?

Mikel, always good to hear your sig here on the West Coast. Gracias, amigo.

Walt, always fun working you. Condx haven’t been too good lately…

Karel, it would be cool if 12m were open year round. Look fowrard to many more Qs this coming fall, winter and spring.

Dow, thanks for all the Qs. You’re one I can always depend on to be in the log.

Scotty, thanks, always great to hear your qrp sig coming back. Looking forward to many more.

Now, onward and upward.

73, Dan NA6MG

Hi Dan - still in EU for another week, my knee is getting better slowly, so should be able to activate soon. Was in Northern Ireland, hope to get back there to do some SOTA one day.

You going to change your call to NA6DG (double goat)? :slight_smile: (or ND6MG?!


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Freaking awesome!

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The amazing thing besides Dan’s numerous activations is that he has time to chase the rest of us. He’s in many of my activator logs as a chaser!


Felicidades mi amigo!
73, Jordan

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Congratulations Dan and thanks for all the chasing points you have given me.


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Congrats Dan on 2X Mountain Goat status. You’re the most often worked activator in my log and I really appreciate all the contacts. Keep having fun and thanks for all the contacts and points.

Gary A. - W0MNA

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Dan, thanks for 227 contacts, including 90 s2s. Glad to see you back on 30 meters, where most of our QSO’s have taken place.

Elliott, K6EL

Congrats Dan!

73, Barry N1EU

Always a pleasure working you DAN!
Nice shooting.

Quite an accomplishment. How many miles and how many worn out boots?
Hope to work you more on 2 meters.

Jeff, K6QCB

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Congrats Dan…Always look forward to putting you in my log.
Keep it going OM…