NA Summits

Hello all,

Newer ham radio member, looking forward to the hiking season here in Central Oregon. Currently on my summer list of to-do peaks are CM-001 South Sister, CM-004 Broken Top, and CM-005 Mt. Bachelor, maybe CM-002 Middle Sister if it isn’t too technical. I’ve seen a lot of EU/other SOTA on the reflector, but curious if what the SOTA chaser community is like in North America by comparison when typical TX is 5-10W.



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Hi, the NA SOTA community is active, enthusiastic and rapidly expanding, look at Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos


Brian G8ADD

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Hi Martin…no problem to find Chasers if you activate a summit in NA! The bread and butter band is 20M because of distances and 40M for closer in. 5 watts CW no problem usually. Go to “Database” and look at the NA associations…VE2, VE7, VE3, VE1, W0,W7, W6, W5, etc, etc…you can look at all the activator and chaser logs! Looking forward to working you from a summit!

Mike VA6FUN (log under VE2 chapter)