NA STORM on the air 2011

Tomorrow is the big one. By 1400 UTC, NA summits will begin CQing and lots lots of contacts will be made.

As I am writing, not less then 29 activations are scheduled on SOTAwatch, with as usual, some activations not announced, I would not be surprised we got around 42 to 45 summits activated tomorrow.

In advance, a big thanks to all of you. Also thanks to the slowly but surely growing community of NA chasers. We are there for you guys.

I’ll try to give 40m attention. I would be a good idea to let close NA chasers a chance to catch us.

Good luck all, I’ll hike despite the showers forecast because I really want to be part of this. Its gonna be historical … no I mean histerical!


In reply to VA2SG:

Looking forward to maybe meeting you on the air.

Would be nice to make some S2S’s tomorrow :smiley:

In reply to VA2SG:
Listen for the “FUN” callsign in slow CW J.P. I can’t believe the number of activations tomorrow…WOW…what an effort by everyone!!! Good luck to all!


In reply to VA6FUN:

Good luck Mike and let us know if you did get the 1000 pts.

Don’t know what sort of antenna your are using, your always big sig in my ears…