NA SOTA Day 22/10/2011

Can I remind chasers in Europe that October 22nd 2011 is North American SOTA day. A lot of our fellow NA activators intend to be active during this period. The alerts section is filling up nicely already. With conditions on the higher bands having been very good recently it will be well worth listening out for these activations.

Best of luck to all activators and chasers on the far side of the pond. Here’s to some good weather and good ionospheric conditions for all taking part.


In reply to MM0FMF:

Hi Andy,

thanks for the announcement. I’ll keep an eye on the US Sota colleagues.

Hope they’ll use 28 MHz as well because the band is well open between them and Europe maximizing the chances of a transatlantic contact on QRP.

Regards 73
Ignacio EA2BD

In reply to EA2BD:

Ignacio, you can work us too in Canada :wink:

73 es DX


In reply to MM0FMF:
Ill be out in the catskills. Aiming for Hunter W2/GC-002. Weather conditions look excellent for hiking, low 30’s high 50’s. ill be bringing the heat and have 100 watts so ill hopefully be heard quite well.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Good luck, Stay safe and Im hoping for some S2S contacts.


In reply to VA2SG:
Hi JP, of course, I meant NA better than US…
It will be a pleasure to have the chance to work your land as well.
The only issue is a huge local QRN on some specific freqs. due to neighbourhood electric appliances that make central QRP freqs to be covered with S8 unwanted sigs making it really difficult sometimes…

I wish I could live in the countryside ;o)

Anyway cross my finger and if contact is not possible, enjoy your day!!!

Vy 73 es GB
Ignacio EA2BD