Our second annual NA Summits on the air event is now history.

I began climbing my summit around 9h30AM local, the WX was a rather cool in the morning but the forecast was for sun and around 3 C for afternoon.

After quickly setting up my station, 20 meters was hot and worked a bunch of stations very fast.

The highlight of my day was my very first S2S DX with G3CWI/P. That was a great thrill. I had to wait 14 months to work my first european summit but it well worth the wait. Thanks!

After lunch, I dedicate operation to 30 and 40 to try to catch NA stations, worked colleagues VE2PID and VA3SIE on theirs summits. Did not have much luck on 40 as seems like nobody’s copied my 5 watts.

No matter, I had a great time, WX was awesome, this was one of the best SOTA outing for me to date.

I would like to thank all those who have been involved in the second NA SOTA day. Thanks Guy N7UN for help on press release and setting up of the event and opening of plenty of new areas, thanks to all area managers, activators and of course chasers.

There was many new callsigns in my log, the fun is spreading, and it’s only a begining.

Let’s do this again next year folks!

My souvenir video is here: - YouTube

73 CU later

In reply to VA2SG:

Great video, JP!

It was cool to hear my own signal in your video.

Thanks for being on 40m !!!


In reply to VA2SG:

Seems like the weather was near perfect for everyone. Cannot wait till the next one =)

In reply to VA2SG:


I really enjoyed the video. It was fun hearing your reaction to my signal! I was out in the open in the dark on my hilltop - it was all rather surreal.