N7UN, Mountain GOAT

Looks like it is official, the logs are in. Guy, N7UN, went over the top and is now North America Mountain GOAT #15, and Oregon Mountain Goat #1. Congratulations Guy and a job well done. Welcome to the club.



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FB Guy, Congratulations es well done. Just missed chasing you in the Catskills by a day or so. FB Sigs HR today on Sherrill Mtn.

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I’m proud to see I am in your very first activation log, and for an S2S.

See sounds from Guy’s very first activation here - YouTube

go to 7:15

Congrats Guy hats off.

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Congratulations Guy, on Mountain Goat. Just looking at your QRZ page. You certainly have been very active in just about every corner of ham radio. Thanks for being so involved in SOTA. Always a pleasure to work you sir. All the best 72 de Scotty

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Congratulations Guy and a job well done:
72 de Dow (W4DOW) #1 Chaser in W4V

Congratulations Guy on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Adding our congratulations for your achievement, Guy.
Merle and Herm
Madison, NH

Great to have you in my log so many times!
Welcome to the herd.

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Thanks to everyone! It has been a lot of vehicle and trail miles to accomplish MG but worth every climbing step! For me, half the enjoyment is the new vistas, a new trail and summit to enjoy, and having HF fun on a mountain top with a backpack portable rig. The other half is working all the Chasers who I consider to be my friends and the occasional S2S as icing on the cake!

Of course it’s all about the stories and the SOTA worldwide community is a credit to ham radio be it the mutual respect for one another or the encouragement we provide for those new to SOTA. Simply, SOTA is a positive, engaged, and respectful community. I’m proud to be a participant!

Guy/n7un aka nS0TA

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Nice one Guy, well deserved! One of the more difficult awards to achieve in the hobby. Come to think of it, are there any harder ones?

73 Richard G3CWI

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Congratulations Guy. Well earned I’m sure. Hope to see you again at FDIM next year.

Gary a. - W0MNA

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Congrats Guy!!! Thanks for all the SOTA QSO’s and the QRS on CW…much appreciated!!!


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Congrats Guy, Awesome effort, Thanks for the QSO


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Nice job Guy - a club many of us are attempting to join! Always good to work you -
73 Rick WB0USI

Congratulations Guy, well deserved.
Thanks for the many qso’s.


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Congratulations Guy! Hope to meet you some day. If you’re ever in the abq area let me know and mebbe we can get out for an actvation or two.


Mike - ke5akl

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Way to go SIR Guy. Thanks for the many activations. Always great to hear your signal from summits. One of the best!
Welcome to herd…

All the best and keep 'er going.


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Excellent work Guy. Scout and I are so proud of you.

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Congratulations Guy!

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All that, and he’s also the world’s premier association setter-upper? A one-man band, to be sure. Congrats, Guy.

Elliott, K6EL
Not premier