N6JZT- correct ref W6 CT-021 today

There was a 20 knot cold wind so I didn’t want to make a 20 mile bike ride to activate Mt Gleason CT-017. Went to Mt Vetter W6 CT-021 instead

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Appreciate you riding up to W6/CT-021 and also going over to 30 meters to give us “locals” that SOTA. CA is too darn close for 20/15 meters, so really enjoy it when you CA SOTA activators QSY to 40/30 meters. Look for me and N7CW up on W7A/YV-015, Two Rock Mountain, AZ on Tuesday, 1 Oct 13. 73,

Jim N6KZ
Prescott, AZ

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Glad to work you, Jim. I’ll make a point of going to 30m, sometimes I’ve been a little lazy and just stayed on 20m. Vetter is MUCH easier to get to than Gleason, only a 2 mile stroll to where the fire lookout used to be until the Station Fire of '09. There is a good road to Gleason, but it has been closed to motorized vehicles since the fire. Gleason is 10 miles there and 10 miles back by bike or foot. I think as we head into autumn I should plan for activations somewhat later in the day when it is warmer!

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Just read this- thanks for posting - I had logged you as being on
Mt. Gleason- will delete and re enter the correct summit.
Don’t blame you!! :slight_smile: