N6AN 4 March 2023 on W6/CT-226, not W6/CT-225

Hello, All.

I set up my logging app incorrectly this afternoon. The spots from 0011Z to 0107Z were wrong and showed W6/CT-225.
Beginning at 0113Z spots showed the correct reference, W6/CT-226, Cerro Negro Benchmark.
Please correct your logs.
My apologies.
Thank you for the five JA S2S QSOs and many JA chases. What a thrill!

73, David N6AN


Corrected! Thanks for the S2S QSO, great signals!
73, JP3PPL

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Today I did 2 activations, JA/HG-210 and JA/HG-063.
The conditions during the first one (between 2200-2330 UTC) with USA were TERRIFIC. The dipole was perfectly oriented N-S and I didn`t expect good chances with USA but I was totally wrong, the first chasers that called me on 21mhz were extremely loud.
Also 24 and 28Mhz were very nice.
During the second activation (0100-0200 UTC) I noticed that the link between 24/21Mhz was broken so in this summit I only operated on 24 and 28Mhz. Again great signals from USA.