N5XL on W0C/FR-190...wrong reference


My original target today was to be a never activated 2 point peak, Coffee Pot Hill, W0C/FR-190. On near arrival, there are posted signs preventing access to the last quarter mile of road that would be on public land. As a result, I had to abort the intended peak and resort to plan B which was further south, Devils Head, W0C/FR-051. Please ensure that your logs reflect the correct reference which is W0C/FR-051 and NOT W0C/FR-190. All contacts today with N5XL (24/05/2015 from 17:14 to 17:41 UTC) were made from Devils Head, W0C/FR-051. On the plus side, if we made contact today, you get 2 extra points. Devils head is a 4 point peak and not a 2 point peak.

Sorry for my confusion in implementing plan B.