N4MJ - 10K SOTA points

Thanks to all who commented on my achievement. When I began working SOTA stations, 19 months ago, 10,000 points was a number I never gave any thought. Slowly and surely however the points accumulated. I didn’t get excited about it until I realized I was within 1200 points of 10k. Suddenly, I knew I had to make that 10k point, and I did.

Again, thanks to all for the comments about the achievement and to the activators who made it possible.

73 de n4mj//Glenn

In reply to N4MJ:
Hi Glenn,

Congrats from a fellow Tennessean (ex-K4RSY from Memphis). I recently got my 10K, so I know the feeling. See you in the pileups.

73/Tommy W7RV

In reply to N4MJ:
Congratulations on your achievement. I was getting ready to send you a message then realized I was on the computer that would send it from Gary, then N0BCB appeared and I had to get my 10,000th point. I finally got here.
Congratulations again!
Martha A W0ERI