N4EX First NA 100K Chaser!

Most Excellent! Keep on chasing!
Dean ~ K2JB

Congratulations, Rich!!! I sure appreciate all the calls. 72, Mike AC0PR

Very pleased to see Rich get to this level.

Thanks for all the contacts Rich! Congrats! 73 Hal n6jzt

Congratulations Rich and thanks for all of the contacts!

73, Jordan

Not sure how to verify this but I believe this puts Rich in the top four chasers worldwide!!

73, Brad

Goto the database, select View Results, Chaser Roll of Honour, All associations. Ta da!

Pos     Call    Activs  Points  Avg
1	DJ5AV	35210	150300	4.27
2	DL1FU	30130	147536	4.90
3	DF5WA	31404	143144	4.56
4	DL3HXX	29301	135614	4.63
5	G4SSH	28563	133359	4.67
6	HB9AGH	22903	129101	5.64
7	G4OBK	26094	110543	4.24
8	G0RQL	29156	107186	3.68
9	N4EX	20487	100045	4.88
10	EA2DT	23236	100000	4.30

Ah…“all associations” is what I missed. Thanks! Ok…Rich is number 9 worldwide!! Very impressive and it will take most of us several lifetimes to get to that level…

73, Brad

I came back to 20m today just to pick you up. I wanted to give congrats over the air, but since you were hearing me 33 I didn’t. You’re one of the best, thanks for always being there!

Kevin, packing up on W7I/BC-073

Fantastic Rich, congratulations.

Absolutely fantastic!!!

Congrats Rich

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Hope for better conditions to deliver some more points. :wink:

Also sending our comm-gratulations to you for this NA milestone. We were pleased to have you as #1 in our log twice in the past few days. . . and 73 times overall.
Merle and Herm
New Hampshire

Congratulations, Rich! You are there chasing me every time I activate, often as soon as I QRL. You are a great OP and a pleasure to work. Thanks for all you do.

Phil, NS7P

My log shows you chasing me 619 times… Thanks much and Congrats on reaching this level.

73, Dan NA6MG

Great stuff! You are one of the very small band of NA chasers in my activators log.


Congratulations Rich

I know you have chased my activations. Hope to hear you again soon !!!

Erik WX4ET


You’re listed as my top chaser for my whopping 7 Summits (so far), even when the cndx were awful. Thanks for hanging in there and pulling out the signals.

Mike, N4VBV


Congratulations, Rich!! Six-digit chaser score and #1 in USA! Thank you for all the times you have worked me!