Congratulations to Jill On this milestone! Amazing accomplishment of reaching Goat status in less than 1.5 years qualifies her as Wonder Woman. 4th gal in North Amerca and second in the East.Nice going!
Merle KB1RJD


Congratulations to my SOTA sister on achieving GOAT today. I couldn’t be prouder to call you a friend. Ron and I hope to join the herd soon.

Liz, K1LIZ
Ron, KI4TN

Congratulations Jill on your Mountain Goat day! Thanks from us chasers for all your efforts. 73 de Scotty KG3W

Congratulations Jill on your remarkable endeavor! Glad to have been a chaser on this day. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I, too, will have achieved what you now have. Thanks for the inspiration.
–John. (KJ4ZFK)

Well done Jill,

First lady W3 Goat!!

Richard // N2GBR

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Congratulation on achieving Mountain Goat today Jill. Thanks for the QSO. I’m very happy to get you in the log once again, especially on this landmark occasion.

vy 73, Bruce W2SE

Lots of steps, breaths and aches. And every one worth it I bet. Congrats on growing those horns!
Steve K7PX

Congratulations Jill on your MG status. I always look forward to your activations.

Tom NQ7R

Congratulations, Jill !! Glad to make contact with you on your “Mountain Goat” day!

73, Walt

Congratulations Jill on achieving MG status ! :+1:
You are my “most chased” YL Sota activator, 19 qso’s so far most of them on 40m.

You are one of the rare ones i get to hear on 40m so your combination of antenna / transceiver / power output works well and you are often in the right zone for 40m range over here.

73 :smiley:

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Congratulations Jill on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congrats Jill and welcome to the herd! I really wanted to work you on your Goat summit but your signal was too weak into Colorado. You’re doing a good job keeping Richard (N2GBR) on his toes ;-). Keep up the great work Jill.

73, Brad

There was a bit of a reunion on Welsh Mountain today for the group of us who knew Jill before she was famous. And celebrity has not changed her a bit, so we still like her now as much as we did then.

This humble one point summit is where SOTA started for Jill, and none of us back then had any clue how high a target she was actually aiming for.

There is one aspect of this milestone that means a lot to Jill (and has not been picked up on yet), Jill is the first Goat from the First State. Ironically, a small flat place with zero SOTA summits.

Jill is now planning to slow down a bit, and enjoy SOTA at a more leisurely pace - so keep on watching.

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Congrats Jill, great job. Thanks for all your work activating on SOTA

Very congratulations, Jill, for the achievement.
Amazing that you’ve got it in less than 1.5 years of SOTA activating.
I have had the pleasure to chase you 3 times in 2017 on 20m SSB.
I’ll keep looking forward to chasing you many more times in the future and hopefully on CW some day…
Best 73 & 88,


Congratulations, Jill! You always seem to have a good signal and always seem to be doing multiple summits.

Peter KD0YOB

Congrats Jill! You’re often in that funky zone between 20M and 40M for me, but in the winter time we’ve been having good luck on 40. Keep up the good work!

Jason, KE0FKE

Congratulations! I tired to answer your CQ on 20 meter this morning. Between conditions and the pile up it didn’t happy.

Well done!

Congrats, Jill, on your achievement!

Nate N0PCL

Congratulations Jill and welcome to the mountain goat herd! :grin: Paul K9PM

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