N3FJP Software for SOTA Logging

I would like to use the N3FJP software to log my ‘chaser’ contacts, safe it to an AD
IF file and import it into the data base. How do I set up the log to properly record and report the summit I worked? I thought SIG_INFO might work similarly to the POTA log but my effort failed. Any suggestions for a new enthusiast?

Tnx es 73. David, NS4V

A way to find out what you need is the following

  1. Enter a number of chaser QSOs manually.
  2. Download a CSV file from the database of your chases. (You can trim this to say just 10 QSOs once downloaded)
  3. Goto Christophe ON6ZQs website and use his SOTA CSV to ADIF converter ( ON6ZQ | SOTA to ADIF log converter) to convert your example CSV to ADIF
  4. Copy the ADIF version of the data and study what is used by and needed by the SOTA ADIF upload.
  5. “Play” with your logging program so it will produce the same format file from your own logs.
  6. Check you can upload the ADIF file without errors.
  7. Job done, have a beer/coffee/tea/whisky/line of charlie whatever you enjoy. :slight_smile:

It is possible that there are issues with the N3FJP software and it wont do what you want. You can engage with N3FJP and ask him to consider supporting SOTA ADIF/CSV format generation.


Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve reached out to N3FJP and hope they have a good solution and can create an FAQ and answer for others.

It is very minimalistic what is needed.

<STATION_CALLSIGN:8>OE5JFE/P <CALL:8>CT2GSN/P <QSO_DATE:8>20211120 <TIME_ON:4>1130 <BAND:3>20m <MODE:3>SSB <FREQ:6>14.272 <RST_SENT:2>52 <RST_RCVD:2>52 <MY_SOTA_REF:9>OE/ST-105 <SOTA_REF:9>CT/BL-020 <MY_GRIDSQUARE:6>JN77el <EOR>

Most likely <MY_SOTA_REF> <SOTA_REF> are missing featues of the logtool so that the summit and s2s can correctly be assigned.

73 Joe

These are required depending on whether it’s an activation (MY_SOTA_REF), chase (SOTA_REF) or S2S (both)

Of course. But the logging software would need to implement both to be functional for SOTA users in general.

Yes, my statement was a general one about what the ADIF upload to SOTA requires

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David, I have used N3FJP’s logging program for some time and create an adif file followed by a simple modification in order to upload it to the SOTA database. As noted below a chaser needs to include a SOTA_REF column for the final upload.

When logging I use my “Other” field for all my SOTA references.

When I am ready to export from N3FJP, I select my SOTA contacts from the log, highlighting the first one with a left mouse click and using my ctrl key with a left mouse click to add any others.

Then I go to the file tab at the top of N3FJP and select export ADIF / Selected records. Save as < file name>.

I then locate the saved file (log files are default saved within N3FJP) and open the file. I then select Edit / Replace. Since I am using the “Other” field, I will f
Find What:
Replace with: <SOTA_REF>
Select Replace all

Save the file and it is ready to upload into the SOTA database. (Upload ADIF)

Seems convoluted, but after hand typing individual QSOs and dealing with my typos … works pretty slick though I often wait until I have a number of contacts before logging them.

You might try a single QSO to confirm my steps work for you.

73, Mike - AD0YM

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If one of the OTHER fields is renamed SOTA_REF, the exported ADIF will work as described by AD0YM without the edit/replace step. (Settings > Other Field Titles and Fill Behavior)

This exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks! Dean ~ K2JB