N1MM UDC file for SOTA

Has anyone created a N1MM UDC file for SOTA where the log can then be exported/uploaded to the SOTA database?

Thanks in advance, Guy/n7un

Sotadata accepts ADIF since many years already. So no need to the csv format.


Just make sure the MY_SOTA_REF and SOTA_REF ADIF properties exists to get chases and S2S identified correctly.

73 Joe

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Hi Guy

Hope all is well and I always marveled at your dexterity and speed using N1MM while activating CW.

I use this POTA file which seems to work just fine in creating an ADI that I then fed into ON6ZQ’s translator. In the POTA ref I enter the S2S ref.


However, seems I might be doing this the hard way per @OE5JFE Joe’s suggestion.

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I’ve used the N1MM POTA UDC as well. I just open the created log file in ADIF Master and input the needed columns for whatever SIG I’m working with. Works really nice. Quick and easy. Don’t think anyone has created a user specific UDC for SOTA in the N1MM database yet…

73, Todd KH2TJ