N0TA Achieves Mountain Goat!

On June 23, 2017, N0TA, John, activated W7Y/EW-020, Ring Mountain, in Southeastern Wyoming, and achieved Mountain Goat Status.

I have been on numerous joint activations with John, and I can say he has genuinely earned his MG points! We have covered some amazing terrain in Colorado!

On June 23, John was with K0FTC, also John, on Ring Mountain. I had the pleasure of contacting both of them S2S on 14 MHz CW, across about 60 miles of high, mountainous terrain, from W0C/PR-109, Apiatan Mountain. Signals were strong, despite the non-line-of-sight path.

I wish John success as he continues to activate some of the best SOTA peaks available to us!




All that George said!

I’ve activated Mt Herman with John …he’s a good goat and now a MG!
Congrats, John! …May the herd be with you!

Cheers, Steve

Fantastic work John! Congratulations and an honor to have you in my log from some of your activations, including Ring Mountain!
Keith KR7RK

Congratulations, John N0TA! I was delighted to make S2S contact with John on 20 meters from Oracle Ridge (W7A/PE-004) to Ring Mountain that day.

Welcome to the ranks and Baaaaa!

Paul K9PM

Congratulations John on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Happy to be a small part of your goat activation.

Ken, K6HPX

Congratulations John !! Thanks for all the activations.

73 Rich N4EX

congrats John, what an achievement. Those CO peak are only suited for a MT GOAT.

Congratulations John on your MG Status!
I am glad I was able to work you on your GOAT Summit on 6/23.
A nice 559 into WPA, W3 land.
Looking forward to more.

Congrats John, always great to hear you and work you on the summits
72 GL

Congratulations John! And thanks for 102 contacts so far. Hope to catch you on many more.

Walt NE4TN

Well done, John. You put out a consistently strong signal and beginner goats would do well to copy your antenna setup…de bill w4hbk

Congrats John! You’ve activated an amazing number of peaks this past year. I’ve enjoyed chasing you when I can hear you which is sometimes tough being so close. I know you’ll continue to activate peaks here in Colorado for many years to come OM.

73, Brad

Congrats, John N0TA, on achieving Mountain Goat!

73, Bob K0NR

Great job, an impressive achievement! Thanks for the contacts!

72/73, Mike AC0PR

Congratulations John - a significant achievement in CO, how many “fourteener’s” did that include?

73, Rick WB0USI

Congratulations John on making Mountain Goat. Wish you all the best and continued climbing. Wish the bands were better. 73 de Scotty

Welcome to the herd John! A well deserved congrats!
Mike NS1TA