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N.P. funday video

A short video has been uploaded to you tube at the link below.
It may seem a bit “activator” biased, but it was very hard to key the mike in one hand & in the other hand hold the camera, write the log & qsy etc with very cold hands. You can hear my voice feeling the effects of the cold towards the end. To any chasers who struggle to get a signal in/out of their shacks I hope the video encourages them to try activating.
73 Steve G1INK.

In reply to G1INK:
Great Steve - I just enjoyed watching the video - congratulations on your video and production skills. The sound quality was excellent, especially when you think of the conditions in which you made the recording. 10 out of 10.

I’m sorry that the location of our activation on NP-024 Hoove was too far from the Settle area to enable us to join in the social event afterwards.

I hope you saw my comments in the earlier message regarding us finding your SOTA Geocache on Hoove.

73 and heres to the next one,


You bagged a first Steve - the first to record me on a summit!

“I recognise that voice” exclaimed the XYL as she passed the study door, so the video certainly passed the quality test and it showed I was actually doing what I said I was. Mind you, there’s nowt else I’d get up at 2.10 a.m for!

Good to meet you and the others afterwards at the social.

73, Gerald

In reply to G1INK:

Nice to see and hear that there really was somebody out there. I was listening from 07:00 and the only NP summits I heard where you and Mike GW0DSP. Loads of stations in the log from much further afield than North Pennines but not a squeek from the Fun Day. Mostly never heard anyone being worked either. Guess I must get a vertical 2m beam up.

Steve GW7AAV

I started with horizontal polarisation Steve, for the 2m CW and 2m SSB, and for a fair bit of my 2m FM. I switched to vertical when Geoff G6MZX couldn’t hear me, and I couldn’t hear Mike G0DSP. I have Macclesfield - and North Wales in my logbook from my activation.


In reply to M1EYP:

I think that the majority of us were using beams summit to summit, hence not much heard to the south. That’s why I did HF prior to the main event Steve AAV. Having said that, I worked Ron S2S on Foel Fenlli using my handheld.

Cracking video Steve INKy, good sound quality.


In reply to GW0DSP:

My beam was south for most of the activation so obviously 5 watts to a 5 element doesn’t cut the mustard on FM. If only they made an SSB handheld…

73, Gerald

In reply to G4OIG:
Hi Gerald,
They do, It’s called FT-817, you may have heard of it!!

In reply to G3RMD:

Hi Frank,

Of course, how silly of me… think I have one of those lurking in my backpack. I was actually thinking of something more along the lines of a true minibeast. If they can pack 4 bands into an IC-81E, then why not SSB for a single band into the same space? I suspect it is down to the market potential rather than the technology.

Good to work you mobile from Great Knoutberry. You were sorely missed during the SSB session from Great Coum earlier in the day!

73, Gerald

In reply to G4OIG:

If only they made an SSB

Mizuho did. They occasionally come up on eBay.



In reply to MM0FMF:

Yes I recall that now Andy… and the SB2M as well (as big as an 817). There was the IC-202 of course, but most of those are exciters for microwave stations nowadays. We need something modern, synthesised and rugged. Think I should ask Mr Yaesu? Nah, he’ll only point me to the 817 and tell me it does so much more…

73, Gerald

In reply to MM0FMF:

Hi Andy,

I’ve got an MX2 and they aren’t bad at all.
The only real downsides are the 200mW output
and the horrible little latching mike button!!


Dave G0ELJ

I can not recommend FT-817 or 817ND for SOTA. The 300mA in RX idle is really not what we are looking for when we are hitch-hiking… The Mizuho has not LCD and synths but it works with little battery for long time.
73 - Petr, ok1rp

Possibly the best VHF Fun Day ever. Can we do it again please?

73 Chris M0RSF

6 years later and somebody replies! This is ace!

I would be keen for a VHF fun day again! Try and get as many people up their local hills and see how many S2S you can get.

73 all

Matt G8XYJ

There’s nothing stopping someone suggesting a date and the “rules” and posting it here.

I just watched my video for the first time in years. Nice to hear the late Roy G0HDX. Getting a G/NP itch I need to scratch!

Despite its current draw on receive, the 817 is still the single most popular rig for SOTA. Since Yaesu have already brought out a replacement for the FT-897D, I wonder if they have a replacement for the 817 in preparation?

A VHF Fun Day sounds good to me, too!


How about Sunday 3rd January 2016 ?

73 Chris M0RSF

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Seems a good idea to me Chris. Are you going to sort the reflector topic??

I will be out on 2m FM and SSB if it goes ahead!

Matt G8XYJ