Mystery picture

I was just actioning the latest set of updates and activation reports to go on this morning, when I came across this strange selfie photo. Now I am well aware of the “wearing spikes on his head” jibe I get in the other (non-official) SOTA Facebook group, but here there appear to be two spikes.

One is, as usual, my SOTA Pole attached to my rucksack. But I cannot work out for the life of me what the other narrower one is or how it got there! There was a threat of thunderstorms on the day which kept me vigilantly monitoring the weather, but no thunder was heard nor any static detected on the radio. Even so, this would be a ridiculously extreme case of one’s hair sticking up on end - so I don’t think it’s that!

I wasn’t carrying anything else attached to my rucksack and all was OK with the camera lens on my phone as evidenced by prior and subsequent selfies!

While typing this, I think I’ve solved it - but I’ll leave the post/photo on for amusement value as it does look like a bad fancy dress prop!

Have you seen The Omen?


It looks to me to be a chimney or mast of some sort in the distance behind you.

73 Ed.

The horror! The Horror!


More like “Here’s Johnny!”.

Looking at some other pictures of the summit there appears to be telephone/power poles that follow the fenceline?

I am of the same conclusion as you Zach @K9WBZ .

It threw me for ages!