Mynydd y Glyn SW-027

Hi All

Does anyone have local knowledge of SW-027? From the OS map it appears that the summit is more or less surrounded by open access land, but the summit itself is not open access; also the summit info gives the summit height as 381m, although there does not seem to be a 380m contour on the map and there is a spot height of 377m.

I’d appreciate any info on the access info, route etc. for this summit and comment on the height, I’d like to do it as an evening activation in the near future, but with the journey involved and shortening evenings I need to have it fairly well planned in advance.


73 de Paul G4MD

Try here Paul:

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Ooo, that one snuck in!

Thanks Tom, Richard

73 de Paul G4MD

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Looks an interesting approach. I must admit I was considering this from the west up the track to Rhiw-Garn and off to the left, though I wondered whether the wheels would still be on my car when I returned! Actually the Rhiw-Garn estate looks okay.

I assume the lack of OA land at the top didn’t stop Richard veering off to the west. An evening activation will see the farmer either out tending his flock (unlikely at this time of year) or sitting with a beer in his hand (most likely), so you should be okay Paul.

73, Gerald

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Hi Gerald

Richard’s approach was the one I was considering, but the need to cross field boundaries to get into the activation zone from the open access land was un-nerving me slightly. However, sounds as though it’s a lot simpler than it looks so I’ll give it a go, hopefully next week.

Knowing my luck the farmer will be hiding behind the trig with a shotgun…

73 de Paul G4MD

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Look at the Geograph photos of the area - lots of green fields and sheep. I don’t think you’ll have a problem “straying” onto non OA land. It’s not like there are crops to trample.

73, Gerald