Mynydd Enlli - Bardsey Island

Jamie, M6TJC, and I successfully activated Mynydd Enlli, GW/NW-072, yesterday. We didn’t manage to raise a spot on 40-m SSB, so for Jamie it was touch and go. A couple of good runs on CW for me though.

We enjoyed a really good day out. I recommend it most highly to anyone.

We’re still working on a video.

Thanks to all callers and Mal and Philip for S2S.

73, Simon


Looks lovely Simon!

Some details of how you got there would be useful. There are a number of companies offering travel to the island, but some recent personal experience would be great.

Hopefully do it this summer as part of my quest to finish GW/NW this year.

Yes indeed, some details would be great. I may actually do it from the family vessel this year if the weather permits.

I was thinking of doing do a mini “expedition” onto it overnight over the April bank holiday, but they have some undetermined rules about camping on there which could make it difficult to organise and arrange. IOTA and SOTA in one go would attract some attention.

You must be close now Gerald, its the pocket of summits down in the bottom left hand corner which takes time.


That sounds interesting! Sail or motor?

Yep… and I’ve got a few more dotted about. Maybe get a couple done tomorrow. More left than you might think though - 17.

Our boat man was Colin Evans. His Web site is:

His phone number is 07971 769895. Typically he will be off on his boat during the day, so leave your number and he will call back. He will be very happy to speak to you in Welsh Gerald. (indeed I rued my limited knowledge of Welsh as we were the only Saes on the trip)

Costs were £20 children, £30 adults. You get about 4 hours on the island.

Parking is at SH159259. Walk down the track to the cove.

He builds the boats himself and to my (albeit ignorant land-lubber’s) eyes they look great.

Sounds great. Did you speak to the Bardsey Island Trust about it? Would have thought they’d be glad of a donation and some free publicity…

Back over the border tomorrow :disappointed: so no more GW for a couple of weeks. Maybe G/NP next, and of course the Rally before that on Sunday.

73, Simon


Super info Simon. Suggest you pop it on the the summit page to add to the other stuff. Always good to have up to date info on things like this, even if it duplicates older stuff as it confirms things are still what you expect.

See you sometime on Sunday hopefully.

Diolch yn Fawr!

Yes I’ll do that. Just thinking how to format things.

I’ll look out for you on Sunday.


Great place. Thanks for sharing.
In my wish list for this summer.

73 Angel /P

Helen has put up a video of our little pilgrimage to Bardsey on her Youtube page. This time we have acoustic uke and electro-acoustic bass uke conversion amongst others. :grinning:

I’ve also updated my blog posting with it.

I do hope some of you will visit the island. It doesn’t get a huge number of activations and I’d love to get it completed. :wink:

73, Simon


Fabulous video Simon. I’ve done Mynydd Enlli a couple of times - it was one of those I had to return to and repeat once Jimmy became licensed!

Did Jamie get the requisite 4 QSOs to qualify?

I particularly enjoyed the soundtrack. Does Helen have a website for her music?

Great work Simon.
I’ve looked at sailing there myself, but I’m not entirely comfortable with the demanding tides, overfalls and and limited safe anchorages.
I’m also limited to 5 knots max, not your 37 kph!

Maybe someday if I pick my weather window and can spare the time :smile:
I even carry a uke on board but can’t match Helen’s performance.

Out of interest, how do you go about embedding the Google maps QSO data that is displayed on your Blog?

He’s under instruction always to get his 4 - then he shoots off as fast as he can!

Thank you Tom. She has a couple of other videos on [Youtube][1]. Her [Facebook page][2] has pictures of the bass uke conversion. First gig with Glossop Ukulele Group (GLUG) probably at Biddulph in July!

Thank you Pete. Google changed the way they do maps recently. Rather than doing any programming with the Google APIs I’m simply using Google My Maps. KML files are uploaded to my Google drive, made public, and added as an overlay to a Google map through the My Maps page. They then give you the html code for embedding. My KML files are made from the ADIFs (from Saisie SOTA) with a customized version of [GeLog][3] which I must get around to finishing!

73, Simon (packing for tomorrow!)
[2]: Shiny Craftwork


I caught a good program on iplayer (we Saes don’t get it otherwise :frowning: - and non-UK you’re completely out of luck!)

Welsh Heartland: The Llŷn Peninsula - Episode 1

It features Mr. Evans with his boat to Barsey Island / Ynys Enlli.

Oh, and the featured Tŷ Coch at Porthdinllaen works nicely (especially on a sunny day) for a lunch break between Carn Fadryn and Garn Boduan. :smiley:

73, Simon

Not quite true… all regions are free-to-air on satellite and easily receivable throughout the UK and a bit beyond.