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Mynydd Carn-y-cefn. Pole support!

On GW/SW-014, Mynydd Carn-y-cefn, for many a year someone has kindly provided a scaffold pole next to the trig point to secure your antenna pole.
Alas, today I found that, although the post is still there, it is no longer vertical!
Maybe next time a big strong person is there, they could do the honours and straighten it up. (I couldn’t move it).
It’s still nicely placed in it’s own pond which means you need decent boots to be able to use it :smile:

Also, the house adjacent to the golf course still has a leaking Cesspit which is still flooding the road after 3 or more years.
The friendly dog that lives there however has no sense of smell or has got used to it :mask:



Dog picture - simply superb!

OK, who has a Sledge Hammer in their SOTA kit and is willing to take it to this summit HI?


Well following a review to lighten my kit I now only carry a 7lb one, but that should do the job. Incidentally I’ve downsized my anvil too (never know when you may need to straighten a tent peg or even forge a new one do you?)

73 de Paul G4MD

Edit: On reflection the 2t Tirfor winch will probably be the tool for the pole-straightening job, Always useful for erecting that pole against a strong wind :wink:

I well remember the time when you found you had left it in the trailer and had to walk back over 7km to fetch it… and you still got to the summit before I did! :wink:

73, Gerald G4OIG

Just used that pole a couple of hours ago- I first of all thought of straightening it (didn’t try!), but then just pushed my aluminium pole through the convenient scaffold clamp, through the ice crust into the softish mud below - made a nice triangulated support. BTW what is the shelter you have in the picture - is it bought or did you make it?- it looks ideal for driving rain/snow shelter MW0ECX

Hi Neil

We just missed each other today for an s2s. Hope you had a good day…at least the sun was shining once more. I’m sure your MG is on the horizon now? :smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX

Hi Allan I’m sorry I missed you. Was that when I was on Mynydd Carn y cefn or Craig y Llyn? It took a while to get the calls going on sw 014, but it was a lovely day there today and I had some nice QSOs 73s neil

Last year the ice was thick enough to walk on!

It’s the little UST Base tarp.
You can pick them up for under £20.
It’s a diamond shape however, and there are only the 4 attachment points.
It’s ideal however set up in plow or flying V config, although a central attachment point would make a good place for a lifter to give more headroom.
It’s very tough, light (less than 200gms) and packs up small.
It’s also reflective coated so acts as an emergency blanket in , well, an emergency!

As a wind and rain break I wouldn’t be without it.
I do have a bothy bag too (approx the same weight) and whilst it gives great warmth and protection, I’d rather sit outside and look at the view if the wx is in any way cooperative. Obviously in cloud and rain I just get in the bothy which is marginally quicker to deploy.

I use one walking pole to support the tarp and 4 titanium pegs. Setup time is about 60 secs. It takes longer to put it away especially if windy condx :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For a long stay activation I’d take a better siltarp with more attachment points to allow greater configuration flexibility.
Plenty available eg http://www.backpackinglight.co.uk/tarps-and-bivy-bags.html