My upcoming activations

After a disasterous attempt at an activation of Cheriton Hill about a month ago (total of 2 QSO’s on 2m and none on either 70cm or 20m) I have decided to give it another go tomorrow. I realise that it is slightly late notice (as are most of my activations) so I wanted to draw as much attention as possible. I hope that if I post it on here as well as in the alerts more people would notice it.

I also plan to activate Detling Hill later that afternoon on my way home.

I have Wendover Woods planned for Tuesday (not sure of the time yet) with further possible activations of G/SE-??? sumits on both Monday and Tuesday.

I have already put alerts on the site with GUESTIMATED times for the summits that I have already planned for, and will put further alerts out as and when plans are formed so keep an eye on the alerts for ‘unexpected last minute activations’.

Unfortunatly, I don’t have the facility to self spot, so I’m relying on someone else to find me on the air.

I prodominatly activate using a single band 2m fm handheld into an external antenna, but if anyone wants me to use a specific hf band because they ore outside of the coverage that I would get with VHF, please post a reply on here, and I will check the site again before I leave in the morning.

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Allow plenty of time for your journey, and ensure you have suitable maps available for alternative routes!

Currently, Operation Stack (phase 2) is in force, which means that the M20 is closed eastbound from Junction 8 (Leeds Castle and Maidstone Services) to park all the lorries that have been stranded by the Channel Tunnel fire. Diversion is via the A20, so expect significant delays.


73 de Les, G3VQO

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I have Wendover Woods planned for Tuesday… using a single band 2m fm handheld into an external antenna…

Hi James

Good luck at “The Woods” but it might be hard going on 2m FM midday and midweek. Unfortunately I will be at work otherwise you could bank one QSO from the bottom of the hill. :slight_smile:

If you have a beam, use it… and ideally from the trig point field. Don’t go into the woods to the “true summit” otherwise your 2m signal will have an even tougher time.

If you can be more precise about the time (or self spot), I can nip out of the office in Hemel Hempstead and try to give you a call.

73 Marc G0AZS

Thanks for the info guys, I wasn’t aware of Operation Stack, I will try to find an alternative route.

From what Marc says it sounds like I will need to take some hf gear with me.

Unfortunatly I don’t have internet on my mobile, so I can’t self spot, although I do plan to be there very very close to the times stated in the alerts. I’ll take the 2m fm gear with me anyway and call CQ on the calling channel. I assume you have access to the internet at work, keep an eye on the spots and with any luck someone will put a spot out for me.

Thanks for your replies.

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Hi James

Here’s a thought, if you drop me a note to my email address on I’ll send you a number you can text/call and then I can be QRV on 2m and also spot you when you start.

73 Marc G0AZS

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Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been very busy the last day or two. I will send you an e-mail shortly with my mobile number so that you can text me your number if you wish.

I now plan to do the activation a little later than the original alert stated. I now plan to commence the activation at about 1300 local (1200 UTC), in the hope that I catch a few people whilst they are on their lunch break. I have ammended the alert to reflect this.