My trip to Norway

Today I had my second and last activation in Norway and fly back home tomorrow. Unfortunately the condition was pretty bad today and I had a lot of trouble getting a QSO at all. So I am all the more pleased that Silvia, OE5YYL and Peter, OE5AUL heard me with 4by4.
I had expected to hear many of my reliable chaisers from the UK and Ireland here in Norway, but unfortunately no.
On Aksla, LA / MR-155 6 days ago, although I had many contacts with Central Europe and 6 S2S, that was great fun

The green summit in the background left of my equipment is LA/MR-154, where I have been today.
73 Chris

Sorry conditions were so poor Chris I did listen for a long time heard Sylvia & Peter
but just nothing from you.
Have a safe trip back.73 Don G0RQL.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the S2S today. Sorry to hear that you had problems in getting enough QSO’s.
Strange propagation these days anyway. Sylvia could do a few contacts on 20m into the UK and Spain, nothing else. Maybe a vertical antenna would have done better.

73 und gute Reise
Peter & Sylvia

Hello Don,
I could hear you during your qso with Silvia and Peter, but in the end you got lost in the noise. Tnx for your try.

Robert, HB9OME was heard with 55 and I call often S2S, but he did not understand my call sign in qsb. The same DD2ZN in OE.

This time, I had my 25 watts linear leave in the car and the 5 W
of the Yaesu FT817 was probably too weak for the average conditions.

73 Chris

Hi Peter,
anyway, I had a beautil time here in Norway near by Alesund. No rain, a lot of sun, sometimes too hot in the sun, hi.

Happy sota!

73 Chris


Hey Chris,

what’s the white box with switches left of 817 for?

73, Valdemar

That’s my homemade 30W linear. The switches set the harmonic filters.

73 Chris

Hi Chris, glad you had a great time. Really pleased to contact you on your first summit. I listened for No.2 but too weak. Propagation to LA is difficult from UK at the moment.
73 de Mike 2E0ESY