my statistics

i logged in just now to view my statistics and i have not operated this year but i found everything empty so all my summits i have actived has been erased !?

how can i get this back ?

73 , Matt 2E0FGX

In your activator log everything looks normal:

Also here:

73 Joe

that is most odd , 20 minites ago it was all blank, unless not using it correctly , can you point me whats best way to look it up coirrectly please ?

73 , matt

I looked in the overall roll of honor for activators.
Maybe check if there is filter seletect for the year? The default should be the past 12 month.
Strange but maybe try that.
Or maybe you have created a second account (sotawatch3/sso) and that’s the problem.

If I go into database and look up my results its still blank , but if i go to chaser roll of honnor I can find my logs in there… strange one

73 Matt 2E0FGX

Sounds like something is wrong indeed.
I would suggest to use the contact form on the main sotapage to get intouch with Andy the database wizzard :grin:

73 Joe

When viewing my results this is all I can see. A page loading and does not move on from here .

Matt 2E0FGX

So it seems to me. In case you did it, you shouldn’t have to and you should forget about it and just enter to the new database with your old credentials.


same account for sotawatch3 as used in past

Matt 2E0FGX

So option one:
If your sotadata username and password equal to your old sotawatch2 account then it should be no difference.
It those are not the same or you at one point registered again for example for sotawatch3 then this might be the problem.
In any of those cases ask Andy for help via the contact form.

73 Joe

Matt had successfully created himself two accounts (easily done) and everyone else was looking at the old one based on callsign whilst Matt was signed in to the other one, seeing nothing. Andrew fixed it earlier today.

Andrew wrote a very useful piece about the changeover and situations people may find. It would be really nice if everybody read them. That isn’t the case so far. If anybody wants to translate that information into German, French, Spanish or any other language, please do so. Contact me or Andrew VK3ARR and we will get it pinned for non-English speakers.

The MT will write up some notes on the changeover process in the next few days.

For OE this changeover was announces by Sylvia @OE5YYN in the January edition of our monthly magazine for OE hams.

And in addition an article with this info and for the OE SMS Spotter includes this information too.
Specifically that the existing database login is the new login for everything (apart from reflector)

It will be also printed in the next montly magazine in the SOTA section.

So Matts case is solved. :+1:

73 Joe

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Thanks everyone who assisted. Because I have not been active with sota really too much over last 5 months i have not been paying close attention to notices as I should. Something went wrong but any case all up and running now .

Thanks alot .
73, Matt 2E0FGX