My SOTA tour

I have put up some pictures from my tour on my web page.


Hakan / SM6EQO

In reply to SM6EQO:
Greetings Hakan,
Thanks for the link, interesting to see all the equipment (especially the boots hi hi).

Have not had a chance as yet to view ‘all’ the photo’s, but this evening will give me a better chance I hope.

Also nice to put a face to the CW I have been working for the last few weeks.

Was impressed with your signals most days were around 559, some days slightly less. In the North of the UK we often feel like we are on the edge, with only about 160 degree’s of SOTA station cover into Europe. Your rig did you a good job.

Looking forward to working you on next years expedition and next time you are on the air.

73 de Kevin G0NUP,
Scarborough, North Yorkshire