My Saturday morning

I got into the shack about 7.30 on saturday morning, fired up the
computer, went to SOTAwatch and saw WG0AT was on 15 meters on a summit. I
didnt think there was any hope, but I pointed the beam to North America
and low and behold I could hear the stations working Steve, but not
Steve himself. Listened for a while then all of a sudden Steve came up
out of the noise and here is the result.

Stream SOTA qso VK3XL.MP3 by goathiker | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Steve missed my call the first time as he was chasing his goat Boo away from his back pack that contained Steve’s lunch

A first for both of us. My first North American summit and Steve’s first VK from a summit.


Hello Mike,
Well done on the contact and of course the recording is great to hear. I think you were a bit mean with your report though 8)
Two happy people!
Best wishes.
Mike G6TUH

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Steve made the recording, and he was hearing me much better than I was hearing him. It was a great contact for both of us no matter what the reports. You can hear the excitement in Steve’s voice when he realized it was a VK calling him.
I hope we can do it again some day.

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