My QCX mini pedestrian setup.LZ/RO-086 activation .

I decided to try a short Sota LZ/RO-086 activation with my QCX mini pedestrian setup. Total time about 20 minutes. Assembly and disassembly about 2 min. Call 6-7 minutes. 8 QSO,s on 14 mhz cw. A good alternative when the weather is bad, the group you are with can’t wait or your wife is а hurry ![:wink:


That’s a very clever setup. :slight_smile:

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Nice setup Vasil!
Could you describe some details about the Tuner at the base of your whip?

Thanks a lot 73


Solid aluminium 2mm box ,wip tuner 40-10m,vk3ye, 3x18650 li-jon 2800 ma + bms 3s, micro AF amp 0,5 w, wip antenna 1,5 m, magnetic mini paddle from Ali…
QCX mini 20/30/ m, still waiting QMX 20-10 m.
Additional BNC output for coaxial cable antenna.Table style antenna support option.