My last activation this year: DM/TH-853

After a while without SOTA yesterday I had the chance for a short activation. DM/TH-853 is not so far away from my home. The way up from the parking lot is only 1.5 km with 170 m ascend. For me with some more windings on the coil 1 hour up and down in case of some slippery snow. So I had enough time on the summit.

(I saw some snow for the second time this year.)

On the flat summit

Using the FT-817 and a PA with 30 W with my asymmetrically feeded 20m dipole I got 20 contacts:

40 m - EA, GM, 2 x G, OM, 3 x SP, 2 x SM, SV, 2 x S5

20 m - EA, 2 x F, 2 x SV, 2 x W (!)

Thanks to the chasers. I was glad I could give some points.
A happy and healthy new year to all and hope to meet you on the bands in 2021!!!

Ludwig, DH8WN