My holiday in SOTA

Well already finished the first part of the holiday, spent in Euskadi, and I have spent good referral is SOTA activate a list of activities I leave.

Among all Elios fantastic contacts and good, one is certainly gratifying W1OW, worked QRP from

Thanks everyone for their calls and their spot in the CLUSTER

13/Aug/2011 EA1/CT-086 (Mello) EC2AG / 1 12 qso
14/Aug/2011 EA1/BU-016 (Picon White) EC2AG / January 43 qso
16/Aug/2011 EA2/BI-032 (Espaldaseca) EC2AG / P 35 qso
17/Aug/2011 EA2/BI-045 (Motrollo) EC2AG / P 22 qso
17/Aug/2011 EA1/CT-099 (Cinch, El) EC2AG/EA1 7 QSOs
19/Aug/2011 EA2/BI-030 (Garbee) EC2AG / P 26 qso
20/Aug/2011 EA1/CT-090 (Guriezo, High) EC2AG / 1 27 qso
21/Aug/2011 EA2/BI-063 (Lemoatxa) EC2AG / P 5 QSOs
23/Aug/2011 EA1/BU-101 (Cotobasero) EC2AG / 1 27 qso
25/Aug/2011 EA1/BU-086 (Espaldaseca) EC2AG / 1 28 qso
26/Aug/2011 EA2/BI-050 (Ilso) EC2AG / P 37 qso
27/Aug/2011 EA2/BI-053 (Arrola) EC2AG / P 13 qso
29/Aug/2011 EA2/VI-057 (Zaballa) EC2AG / P 14 qso
30/Aug/2011 EA2/BI018 (Cotobasero) EC2AG / P 23 qso

Greetings … EC2AG