My Gaelic is so embarrassing, I’m going to try Norse

Weather dependant…. I am planning a trip to the inner Hebrides next week, including attempting the Rùm Cullin traverse:

Thursday 9th: Isle of Mull

  • Ben More GM/SI-003
  • Beinn Fhada GM/SI-034

Saturday 11th: Isle of Rùm, Rùm cullin traverse:

  • Askival GM/SI-009
  • Trallval GM/SI-033
  • Ainshval GM/SI-014

Chance I may camp on the ridge or last summit rather than decent to the Dibidil bothy.

I plan to take 2m as well as HF, it would be great to work lots of stations and even better if there are summit to summit opportunities, by design or by luck, especially 2m !

I am planning further days and summits but still TBD


Update: I’m heading into Rúm this morning, then into Dibidil bothy tonight.

Then traverse of the Rúm cullin Saturday /tomorrow in ‘reverse’, viewed from Mallaig last night:

The weather looks superb, the bands very iffy. All help activating appreciated, I needed it yesterday, 40m was dire!

I’ll keep spots update on sotawatch as much as possible:


Just returning from Mull. Apologies to many stations that wanted to work me on HF, I am sure we all know why (reminder below). Thanks to all the Scottish ham’s to make it happen on 2m.

Full report to follow…