My first SOTA activation weekend LX/PG8M/P

My name is Marcel de PG8M , i am a HAM since early 90’s, Last weekend i had the change to go on a short trip to Luxembourgh and tried my first SOTA activation. been preparing my setup for a few weeks. I knew of the existence of SOTA for a couple of years but never actually did one.

Anyway, had a lot of fun as i do like to go out into nature (i am a enthusiastic ARDF participant, and did some WWFF).

Weather could have been better though.

Equipment: Lipo 4S, KX3, Linked EndFed (40,30,20,17,15,10), 10Mtr Fiberpole

Thanks to everybody who contacted me, absolutely no trouble to get to the required 4 contacts as i found myself at the business end of a pileup every activation i did. Thanks also to Bernadette my ever so patient companion.

Tastes like more…


Hi Marcel, Great to work you and thanks for the Activations from LX all new ones for me. I missed LX/LX-002 because I had to go out for an appointment but thanks for the rest.

73’s Don GW0PLP.

Hello Marcel
Very well done on your first Sota activation, very nice to have a short contact with you on the summit.
Until the next time.
73’s Ken G0FEX

Thanks guys, here some more photo’s of the endeavor

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