My first SOTA activation ! (TK/TK-121)

Hi all, this afternoon i’ve made my first SOTA activation.
For this first time i choosed a close summit, TK/TK121 i could reach by car as i had to test my station and tune a EFHW.
Unfortunately, i forgot my cellphone and had no watch nor camera…
I’ve made 30 QSO on CW 40m with a QCX with 3W and 40/20/10m EFHW.
I even made two S2S with OK2PIM/P and OK8JOE/P !
If some of you on this page have worked me, i’d be glad to get the time we worked between 14:31 and 15:42.
No picture to upload, but a screen copy of the VNA scan of the antenna…
HNY to all and see you on many (i hope) summits next year !
73, Patrick

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Hi Pat,
SP9MA 15:17, QSL is on way :wink:
73, Jarek SP9MA

Tnx Jarek !
Glad to work you from TK121 for my first activation !

73 and HNY

Hi Pat,
EA2LU 14:54, great signals from you here at IN92et
Best 73 and HNY

Hi Pat, I copied you well this afternoon. Thanks for QSO and hope to see you again on SOTA.
regards Jaan
SM0OEK @15:13

Thanks to both of you Jaan and Jorge.

Thanks for the QSO and time. Now, i can intepolate the times a bit.

73 and HNY,
See you soon from other TK summits. There are so many !

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