My first SOTA activation CT/BL-004

Hello, i´m sharing with SOTA (lovers) my first activation vídeo.
Lots of cold wind can´t work 6m SSB… and i´m stayed there for a short period of time :frowning:
And with a starting delay, because (with the rush) i forgot to fill the gas tank and with the accentual ascend inclination to the spot the car Stopped with 1/4 fuel in the tank, then i managed to turn down and go to a gas station 10 Km away…
But then it was fine!..
Now i only go to summits with more than 1/2 in the tank!.. Lesson learned!

CT/BL-004 Video

I intend to do SOTA not to win any trophy, but to make contact with others hams who like to do some outdoor radio contacts, and others who like to chase… not only to do just 4 or 5 contacts to gain the summit points and go home, or to other near summits just to gain (points). Not fair…
If i can stay as long as possible, to all chasers take the chance to make contact with me, and gain as well the chaser points!

José Praça


bem feito Jose

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:thumbsup: for using an FT290

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Well done!

Hpe have a S2S with U ASAP.

Vy 73 de Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF

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Thanks Pedro!
Still learning CW… :wink:

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Yes, great little radio!
For this activation i have carried lots of equipments, (Yaesu FT-100D (6m SSB), Yaesu VX-8 (GPS+APRS), VX-6 (6m FM), Baofeng UV-82 (V+U FM), a spare 12Ah battery, etc) but almost only worked with this FT-290, (because we have lots of activity on 2m band that day, and the weather was rough!)
Next time i will go more light!.. :wink:
It was my first activation…
(5 years SOTA Portugal)

José Praça

Obrigado Andy!


Hello Jose.
Great experience, I believe!
Indeed SOTA is not a contest but it is greatful to get a least 4 contacts and mark the summit as activated. Not for the points but for personal accomplishment. I say… Normaly I stay as long I’m having chaser calling me. But I had other experiences thal was very hard to get the 4 contacts…
Hope to chase you again.

Sergio, CT2JLS

Hello Sergio,
Yes, i believe that!.. (bad weather conditions, propagation, interferences or even the terrain…)
My opinion is to take advantage of height and do some V/U (6m included) contacts, then HF…
But, normally at weekends on 20m SSB has lots of contests, with KWATTS, etc… and the SOTA QRP´S are in trouble the get heard and to listen… (except the CWs i think!..)
Thats i gonna bet on 17m (more quiet), and learn/practice CW.

That morning when we try UHF your signal was (S5) at my QTH, but no modulation…
Thanks for your comment Sergio.

José Praça

Hello José,

Congrats for your SOTA activity!
In this saturday was not availlable for SOTA activities, I was in Scotland.
73 de CT2IXX

Thanks Jacques!
I hope to meet you in the frequency.

José Praça