My first SOTA activation at CT/ES-003

Hello all,

it was my first SOTA activation ever, also first ever in Portugal. I had fantastic company of CT5IPX Bruno Luengo and was first time we saw which other too.

It was indeed the happy final of a long process that started some time ago with CT1BWW Marques and then with my help and fabulous help of G0CKQ Jim. I should thanks Jim for his huge patient with me, since I was not known of some terms about SOTA and Jim taught me all about SOTA, thanks a lot Jim !

Because I am still on school vacations I had idea to activate SOTA for the first time and yesterday went to CT/ES-009 Serra de São Luís to start it, however due to my ignorance I did not get it and arrived home very tired and dirty.

Still yesterday I sent an email how to access CT/ES-003 and got a fine answer from CT4RK Mourato, some time later received an email from CT5IPX to know if he could be my mate on SOTA, I answered him yes.

Later on I did a phonecall to him and arranged all. I met him pretty near from my home and then drove till nearest road of CT/ES-003. We walked about 2 to 3 km until we reached it. Installed antenna and did 6 CW qso, unfortunately without any SOTA chaser, my lack I admit. Should improve my knowledges about SOTA program.

We got some rain and left CT/ES-003 fast and without problems. Then we drove back home and ended first SOTA activation ever in CT.

Thanks a lot to G0CQK Jim, CT1BWW Marq, CT5IPX Bruno and some more that I could not remenber.

Best 73 to all.

In reply to CT1DRB:
Congratulations on your first SOTA activation and first in Portugal. An alert on SOTAwatch would almost guarantee plenty of contacts. I’m glad you managed to qualify the summit though.
Look forward to a S2S with you soon from Wales.
GL & 73
Roger MW0IDX

In reply to MW0IDX:

Hello Roger and all,

in fact I had idea to do an alert on SOTAwatch just before leaving home, but was afraid if in case of non success, just happened day before with my attempt at CT/ES-009. Again, thanks to Jim G0CQK, he gave me good advice how to send an alert just before start any SOTA activation.

Best 73.

David Quental

In reply to CT1DRB:
Congratulations David for you first SOTA activation in Portugal and thanks for all the effort in this project.
Unfortunately i was not able to complete the activation in CT/BT001 with the SDR Kit, next days will try it again, little beginners luck…

Best Regards
Laurentino Silva

In reply to CT2KCG:

Hello Laurentino,

tks for your email.

You are welcome. I was hopping that you did your SOTA activation and had followed your activity just before I left home to my qrl, it is a pitty however there will plenty of changes to activite a lot of CT Summits soon, at same time WX will improve.

A lot of luck in your next SOTA activation.

Best 73.

David Quental