My first overseas SOTA


Today my first overseas SOTA in Scotland with the callsign MM/CT2IXX/P!!
SOTA reference GM/SS-254 Cairnpapple.
Cold 2,5ºC some clouds.
Log with GM6RGY, GM0KMJ/M, GM4OIG/P (S2S), GM7GAX and GM4XQJ.

Happy day! Andy MM0FMF came to meet me, is active in SOTA organization. Thanks for the visit!!

Thanks for all chasers, 73
Jacques MM/CT2IXX/P



It was a delight to meet Jacques and welcome him to Scotland. I was ever so pleased he was able to drum up enough chasers for a handheld activation on 2m FM. Not too cold or wet underfoot for February in Scotland, if you live in Portugal you may disagree! In case you hadn’t realised Jacques, you were further North than Moscow, just.

I managed a quick S2S with Gerald GM4OIG/P who was on Wether Law, just the far side of The Pentlands. 59+++ on 2m FM, 59 on 70cms. But we were unable to have a QSO on 23cms.

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Dear Andy,

I forget to try 70cm!!
Happy for 5 QSO and one S2S and your company also :smile:
Sunday I’ll try GM/SS-267 near to Ayr. VHF FM only
Too bad I do not HF ;(

I will try to put an SOTA Alerts!



Well done Jacques and Andy!

You escaped from this horrendous wx… :cloud: :droplet: :sweat_drops:

Weather there is much better then what we have here. CT is drowning! :cry:

Enjoy it !

73 de Pedro, CT1DBS