My first HF activation - SP/SS-010 Stożek Wielki

After obtaining my license back in June and a few unsuccessful VHF SOTA activations in the Sudetes mountain range, I decided to move to HF (the summits were actually activated but yielded very few contacts).

I got my hands on a 2nd hand FT-818, bought a cheap mast and an EFHW antenna and there I was on the air yesterday on a 4 point peak in central sudetes. I managed 8 contacts (one incorrect callsign - SY2BEO maybe someone can guess the correct call?), all on the 20m band. There seemed to be quite a lot of QRM on the 40m band so I quickly gave up on that one.

I want to thank all the chasers, some of which I now realize are very active chasers, but most importantly those who are sharing their tips about operations and equipment and their stories on this forum. As a new ham, I know the learning curve would have been a lot steeper without this help!

73 - and talk to you soon from Sudetes mountain peaks :slight_smile:


Congrats Roman, chapeau bas !
Nice dog :wink:

73, Jarek SP9MA

Welcome Roman, congrats for your first activation, very nice pics!
I hope to contact you on s2s!!

Welcome to sota Roman good to get you in the log,look forward to many more.
73 Don G0RQL.

Interesting reading, hope to hear you IRL. Good luck!


pamiętaj góry i SOTA bardzo wciągają do zabawy…

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Interesting report and nice photos.
Dear Roman, I hope to see the continuation of new summits!
Vlad RX9WT