My first GI Summit, Slieve Gullion GI/CA-001

After a couple of nice activations of EI/IE-054 in the past few days I’m planning a quick trip up across the border tomorrow morning into Northern Ireland and do my first GI Summit Slieve Gullion GI/CA-001. The trip up should take a bit more than an hour and then its a bit of a hike up to the summit.The forecast is good and I hope conditions will be too. Should be on air from about 10:00 UTC and will be using he KX2 10 watts and 58 feet of wire with a ZM2 ATU. Bands will be 20 and 40 at least, ssb and maybe some CW. My CW skills are not flash so it might be a bit hit and miss. Appreciate any calls and be great to have a GI summit activated. Have posted an alert so keep an ear out for MI/VK6NU/P


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I hope to be on GI/MM-005 around 1300 hours onwards so will look out for a S2S.

William Mi0wwb

Hi John,

I hope you have a enjoy your first ever SOTA activation in GI. Slieve Gullion GI/CA-001 is a nice hill as well. Please note that the prefix you are meant to use over there is MI/, not GI/, so your callsign in this activations needs to be MI/VK6NU/P, not GI/VK6NU/P.

Jimmy M0HGY

Thanks Jimmy, yeah forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder, there never were ant M calls when I left this neck of the woods 28 years ago. Overcast morning heading off after some brekkie.



Hi John,
At home today so will listen out for you.
Great summit and lovely views to the south . WX looking good for you.

Hi John, thanks for qso today from DM/BM-241, Steve.