My first FM only activation


When Caroline and I visit this item on from an iOS device (iPad or iPhone) we are shown the right page for a short time but are then warped off to which then comes up with a distinctly dubious popup (which varies). We both get it, and we see it on multiple devices.

However all looks clean when accessed from a Windows machine.

Is anybody else seeing this?

I’m wondering whether this Wordpress site is infected with some malware which detects the browser. I haven’t investigated what the payload is.


Hi Martyn,

Yes I get it on an iPad too. I read the blog by following a link from the SOTA Facebook page which did work on the iPad.
The only way I could get rid of the pop-up was to close down that program.



Martyn and John

Sorry you are experiencing pesky popups.

The Wordpress blog I use is hosted by them (versus me hosting on a machine or VM of my own) and I have contacted them with your observations.

In addition, Ive done the basic thing of changing my WP password just in case it had been pinched.

I did poke around the web for details on “Premium iOS offers com” and the site has a few threads on others that have had similar experiences. I haven’t done a lot of research and the malware space as we all know is sadly quite sophisticated and use a number of vectors to do bad things. The most immediate suggestion I saw was to ensure your iOS s/w is uptodate.

I even found one write up where iOS devices attached to Windows machines (versus a MacBook etc) had its own peculiar issues albeit in China.