My First Activation (G/SE-006 - Ditchling Beacon)

Many Thanks to those who called me during my first SOTA Activation and apologies to those waiting on 2m for me, I ran out of time.
Lessons Learnt:-

  1. Take a nice warm seat (if near car park). Sitting on a plastic bag in -2Degs is a little cold.
  2. Prepare before your 1st activation. Al those little things you think of as you’re opening the front door to leave can make you late. 30mins in my case.
  3. Headphone splitter so your 10year old son can take the log…maybe not but at least he can listen and both of you can keep your ears warm…instead I used the FT-897’s speaker so he could hear and we both froze.

It was my first time also (you can see a trend of not being prepared here) of using my Buddipole. I’m very impressed. Slapped it up there, hit the tune button on the ATU and within a couple of minutes a booming signal from southern Europe. Almost all 59’s recd/sent, although I was running 50W.

I think myself and 10 year old are hooked! Just need to get him to take his Foundation.


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I think myself and 10 year old are hooked!

Sounds like it. Expect many more trips together!



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Sounds like you both had fun. Is M6ZAF free for the 10 year old?

Colin G8TMV

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Hello Rob,

Was a pleasure to work you today,and also know that your son was with your enjoing the radio.

The Buddipole was working fine and you was working like a Polar Bear hihihihihihihihi.

73, Esteve EB3EPR
Polar Bear PB#207

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Well done on the 1st activation, beware its highly addictive!! It took me a few attempts to get my kit sorted out so your not on your own there.


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It’s downhill all the way now Rob. Seriously addictive. Getting the gear sorted is part of the fun.

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Did you get out today Adrian? WX was quite lovely. I went for a quick 8km stroll with Mrs. FMF around the lanes. It was rather fresh to say the least but no wind to speak of. The forecast for tomorrow looks grim, upland gales, heavy snow, whiteouts and one site reporting upto -24C with the windchill. Hopefully the WX will not be anywhere near that bad.


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Hi Andy, i didnt make it out today, as you say the weather was good, but the roads were in a really bad state. I didnt even attempt to go to my alerted summit as the access road is well off the main routes. I attempted to my local non-sota summit but couldnt get near it either so its been a pretty un-productive day except shoveling snow around the place. It’l be another fortnight before i can get out again due to work commitments so hopefully the roads will be a bit more accessable by then.