My first activation G/NP-029

Wow that was fun ! carried out my very first activation ( G/NP - 029 ) on 17/03/2021 , WX was ok with only a gentle breeze on the summit. 12 contacts on 2m FM and 6 contacts on 20m SSB one of which was a S2S EA4IS/P on EA4/MD-007 and one DX WD8CCC West Virginia

Kit used Icom 705 , Hawkins 5/8 vertical @ 8m (2m) and a mono band dipole again @ 8m in a inverted V power 5w

Many thanks for everyone who called in , made my day !

Craig 2e0vrx 73


Oh dear - another addict, there is now no hope for you :joy:
Congratulations - VHF/HF/S2S/DX on first activation
Look forward to working you once we are back to whatever becomes the new normal


Hi Craig

Welcome to SOTA and well done on your first activation, s2s and DX…that was a good introduction to your SOTA journey. Hope to catch you s2s one day.

73 Allan GW4VPX


Great to catch you S2S Craig. It was my second walk-from-home to walk-from-home S2S in a week after one on Sunday with @G4TJC. Shortly followed by a third with your joint activator.

Maybe in the future we could have a special Lockdown Award for WFH2WFHS2S QSOs… But better just hope there’s no need for any more lockdowns!

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Hello Craig

Well, you’ve already had great success in your first activity. That’s how it should be!

It won’t always be like this - stay anyway.

I wish you always a happy return home!

73 Armin


Thanks and congratulation for you first summit activity. Well done, it would be happy to see some more :-). Best 73’s and stay save.


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