My first 1 pointer W7M/WS-124

I am in ST. George Utah for a few more weeks flying some turbo charged Aztec’s ( PA-23-250 ). Happy I brought my handy talkie, was able to bag a 1 pointer on an off day. It’s not the 12,000+ foot peaks of Montana I’m used to but a point is a point.


Hy Robert,

this is definitely the right attitude and the landscape is without any doubt impressive. :+1: :clap:

Just a quick remark to your first picture, which raises a few questions I have asked myself during trade shows in the past already.
Why are those “handhelds” getting smaller and smaller so that it is increasingly diffcult to grab them with the full hand?
Why do you nowadays need a SMA2BNC adaptor to connect a decent antenna? The 5/8 lambda antenna on top of the HT looks a bit frightening to me. :anguished:

Anyhow, I wish you all the best for your flight adventures, a good time in Utah…
…and may your antenna always stay upright during your future activations. :wink:

73 Peter, DM7KN


Your little 1 pointer is about like our 6-8 point summits elevation-wise. :smiley:

I don’t know about out west, but many summits in this region are perfectly doable with merely an HT and “better” antenna, so it’s always worth tossing an HT into the travel bag “just in case”. :slight_smile:


To make up for phones that are getting bigger and bigger.


Yes the case around the SMA and the SMA itself are not long for this world with the kind of turning moment a big twig can exert. :wink:

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Richard, you are right, but don’t forget the all-band/all-mode transceivers like the ICOM 705. They are getting smaller and smaller, too and may be the new generation of “handhelds”. Crazy world… :joy:

73 Peter, DM7KN

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Hi Robert,
Looking at the concrete arrow; was that an old CAA beacon site?


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They make them smaller and smaller so you lose them and have to buy more. The guy at HRO told me I would be able to talk to the ISS with that antenna?

Pretty great landscape in the Utah mountains! Stay well.