My Apologies for W7A/AW-003 activation

I want to apologize to chasers for my messed up activation yesterday afternoon. I find that the headphones I had do work but evidently the KX3 doesn’t have enough power to drive them loud enough so in future I will carry my Radio Shack external audio amp. Even with hearing aides I have trouble with hearing. Having only speaker audio I imagine I missed some callers. There was an intermittent short in the keyer cable so I replaced that. Hopefully these will not be issues in the future.

I will upload the log within the hour.

Tom NQ7R

Hi Tom,
I don’t know what make of hearing aids you use, but some brands have the ability to use any direct audio-output device and inject the sound directly into the hearing aids where it is processed as usual (frequency selective amplification, nulling of continuous back-ground noises, etc.). The external microphone can be turned on or off, depending if you want ambient sound included in what you hear.
The brand I use are Widex and the device that I use with my mobile phone, for watching movies on a plane, and occasionally with my FT817 is called Uni-dex.
I find they make a significant difference to what I can hear under difficult acoustic conditions.

Thanks for the information Ian. I am about due for an upgrade. I have something similar for listening to TV at home that probably could be made portable.
73 Tom