My activation OK/US-061

Today I have been QRV from SOTA after long months. Took an ultralight setup with KX-1 and random wire antenna.
Worked quite some contacts on 30m and one on 40m. Unfortunately, I have lost my log… Are the worked stations able to help me to reconstruct the log by mailing me the QSO data … Thanks.
73s Dan / OK1DIG e-mail:

Hello Dan,
It’s a real shame that you lost your log. I remember once having the feel that I had lost my log too and I felt very, very bad for an instant. Fortunately it was just a short instant after which I found the log.
Let me suggest something for you to do and see who chased you.
Try entering a dummy activation log with just one QSO. You can invent the callsign, the band, the mode, everything but use the good date.
After some days you can go to your activation fictitious log and clic on “who chased me”.
You should then be able to see all the chasers having uploaded into the database a QSO with you activating OK/US-061.
Once you have got them all, you can delete the fictitious log you introduced in the very begining and upload the good one with the real chasers.
Good luck and best 73,