My activation of GM/GW-001 BEN NEVIS

I was eager to activate Ben Nevis during my recent trip to Scottland, it nearly ended in a disaster, at least for an SOTA-activator. It was a very nice day, the 2nd of July, I finally reached the top and got ready to setting-up my antenna of the day, a vertical wire dipol, where one leg is vertical, the other horizontally, aprox. 60 cm above ground. To set it up, I use a short Fishingrod-mast of 5.5 m. The utimate shock, when I found out, I had forgotten The mast, which I used a few days before with another antenna set. First I was just paralised, then I was able to hang up my antenna jamming my hickingstick into a crevice of shelter pile. The day was saved, the sweat wasn’t in vain.
The activation itself was’t a great success, just 6 qso’s , very bad conditions, the rather unusual setup of the antenna may have had its share.

I always regarded the Swiss as diligent hickers , but I have never seen such a great number of people tackle a mountain like Ben Nevis, some where running up and down again, trying three summit in 24 h.

What is the conclusion, once more, check the completness of the equipment, incl the loading of the accu-pack ! , before you start to walk.

Besides Ben Nevis I activated Ben Lomond and Eildon Hills, after those, the weather turned bad andhat washe end of my activations in Scottland. I hope to return again and do some more, I enjoyed the beautiful country.

Edwin hb9zap

Hi Edwin,pleased to work you on Ben Lomond on your trip to the UK.Very sorry I missed you when you visited Devon.I returned that same day and tried to phone you on your mobile but for some reason it came back each time not reconisable.
Trust you had an enjoyable time. 73 Don.

In reply to G0RQL:
Hello Don,

Yes, sorry we missed. About my phone, it always showed no net available, back home I found out, it was a hang-up, after resetting it worked again. Yes amateur radio is easier than the telephon !

I may be back again, butnot this year. The weather is really nasty this summer, rain and thunderstorms nearly every day. A bad time for activating. Maybe next week we have two days with acceptable weather, w’ill see.

Kind regard Edwin hb9zap