My 1st activation - F/CR-334


Today was my 1st SOTA activation, the choice was F/CR-334 “La Chapelle de ND des Anges” at only 15km from my QTH, and also an easy one pointer.

Was on the summit at 08:10 UTC and called on DMR TG973 to give the info and Roger @F5LKW relayed it on the network.
Started the setup and at 08:32 after one self spot on SOTAwatch3 (phone coverage is excellent, 2 telecom tower 20m behind the chapel and no QRM at all :yum: worked 2m too).

Using 1 QCX 40m with an EFHW antenna, the power was 3.8w and for 2m 1 Baofeng GT3TP 8w into a 5/8° telescopic antenna.

The shack after the battle (with 1 bottle) :beer:

I got only one RBN report :smirk:


Worked 25 stations on 40m and 3 on 2m :+1:
DX 40m > 1630km - 2m > 40km

Was a sunny :sunny: activation, you can see the landscape from the summit.

and if you look closely you can see the F/CR-007 … maybe my next activation :wink:

Funny first activation, the band was quiet no contest QRM a bit of QSB (QCX has an excellent RX).
Thanks to all chasers

73 Éric F5JKK


Bonjour Éric,
Wonderful to have ND des Anges as your first summit. We were there one year ago also and very much enjoyed the activation.
Also the winery visit was also a treat - we still have one bottle that we should enjoy on this, our des Anges anniversaire.
73, Etienne-K7ATN & Kim-K7IMA


Bonjour Éric,

Welcome to the club :wink:
Good luck !
Today was no copy at my side but I hope next chance will come soon.

73, Jarek

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Hi Etienne
I missed you and Kim last year may 22 !
A pity the winery was closed like many other because of covid19 rules…
Enjoy your bottle :wink:
73 Éric

Hello Eric.
Thanks for the fun, that’s a new one for me and a future complete summit.
I had to wait for condx ok between us, but not so easy with 419 ;-).
Now you are a GOAT and when the fever comes, you can’t stop anything.
See you next on summit and perhaps s2s.
73 QRO

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Hello Eric,
Congrats to your first activation. Too bad I missed you, but I hope to hear from you as an activator more often, so there is another chance.


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Congrats, Éric, for your first activation and thank you very much for the report with lovely pictures of yourself, the shack and the very nice landscape seen from that summit.
I didn’t chase SOTA this morning as I struggled trying to get something positive from our not working toaster, which I finally couldn’t get back to life and I finally tore down to extract some few recycleable items. They are now stored waiting for a new chance in my junk box.
Sorry for having missed you, but now that the SOTA activator bug has bitten you, I’m sure there will be future chances.



Eric attention de bien choisir la saison :wink: … déjà 10 ans …

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