MW1EYP/P on GW/MW-013

I have noticed a couple of spots for my Dad Tom M1EYP on Corndon Hill GW/MW-013 with the callsign spotted as M1EYP/P. Please note that the correct callsign is MW1EYP/P.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Thanks Jimmy

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Sat 16:40 M1EYP/P on GW/MW-013 (Posted by M1EYP) 24.898 cw

Even your dad got it wrong ! :slight_smile:


corrections made here.
Thanks Dow W4DOW :

The last 4 spots for my Dad M1EYP (2 spots from me and 2 spots from the RBN) are all incorrect. My Dad was actually activating Long Mynd Pole Bank G/WB-005 from 1845 UTC to 1900 UTC approximately and the correct callsign was M1EYP/P. Please correct your chaser logs?

Jimmy M0HGY