MW0XOT/P on GW/MW-016

Tip my hat to John :hushed: on his 80m Sota this afternoon and carried on through very stupid people try to disrupt the freq creating stupid noises and one awkward station taking over freq with NO Call sign used at all.

No respect at all to a operator whom has taken time to climb and mountain set up radio with prospect of a storm moving in shortly this afternoon.

Well done john carrying on through the mayhem :star_struck:


Sorry to hear that, Did by any chance you manage to make a recording of it?

73’ Don GW0PLP

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Absolutely right Karl we are experiencing deliberate qrm on so many contacts now.
This morning while working Chris dl1cr/p on 5mhz the same thing happened in both cases it was data being transmitted on the same frequency.
Problem is if you complain at the time they continue even more.Don.

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Sad sign of the times it would seem, whoever these idiots are, they keep an eye on Sotawatch, and start their games, within seconds of a post. It happens with WAB, SOTA, Contests, SES, and most nets, it would appear they don’t want anyone using the bands ??

And they are reading this and revelling in the knowledge they have been successful. Reporting DQRM in public only encourages more of the same.


Yep. Ignoring DQRM in every respect, is the ONLY way to deal with it. It’s on the Foundation Licence syllabus…

Sad but I’ve learnt to Carry On Regardless. I try not to mention them other than state “with QRM” or ask the other stations to repeat details. Usually the plonkers get bored before I do. On very rare occasions I just QSY frequency or band.

Like in rest of society stuff happens