MW0WML & RadCom Feb 2015

Hmm… if you were you asked by them to write it before you put pen to paper then the copyright probably resides with them. i.e. it could be stated that it was commissioned (and definitely if they paid you)

If on the other hand it was written speculatively beforehand and sent to them (or others) and they picked it up (rather like a press release) then I wouldn’t think that they have any exclusive claim on the text copy or your photos… but this would not seem to be the case given your explanation of events above.

The price of fame Gerald… :slight_smile:

73 Marc G0AZS

Radcom has fairly typical terms for a magazine.

“Articles are accepted on the strict understanding that they are not currently on offer to any other publication. Unless otherwise indicated the RSGB has purchased all rights to published articles.”

Gerald will be gutted. The film rights were probably his retirement nestegg.


Oh heck, I just got off the phone with Steven Spielberg. Now I’ve seen this I’ll have to call him back and tell him the deals off. Pity, it looked like it was going to be a three picture deal…

OK - so I won’t be posting it here, unless the RSGB lets me. I’ll ask them - nicely.

I would just do it anyway, and see what the reaction would be ;). Besides they approached you.

Its stupid. If one of Eamons schematics was reprinted are they really going to care/do something about it, if someone republished it ?

They can not even structure a survey properly …


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they all come from “David” originally - I think!

David, David’s son, Davidson, Davison, Davey, Davies, Davis. Depending on ink supply at the time of writing.

Andrew (Davis) vk1da

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