MW0WML & RadCom Feb 2015

I see that Gerald MW0WML has made the front cover of Radcom this month. I’ve not had a chance to read the article yet but well done mate.

Just one small question. Is that your most photogenic side?



Yes, Just about to say the same. Mine has literally just dropped onto the mat along with my new callsign documentation!
Well done Gerald.

GE4ISJ :smiley:

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Just one small question. Is that your most photogenic side?

Ha ha, yes, definitely!

They said they would send me a copy of the final article first. Ho hum. I saw an earier draft. I hope they put my requested changes in.

The RSGB contacted me out of the blue in December having seen some of my photos in the SOTA Flickr Group. They were just after a “snowy summit with radio” photo and this seemed to be to their liking. They then asked would you write something. Well I’m not shy so I did.

I’ve had a few contacts through Flickr from all sorts of organisations (not radio connected) who wanted to use my photos in adverts and publications. Funny how that works.

Hope you enjoy the article - it’s a very personal view of what I get out of the SOTA Programme and what it means to me to take part, plus a bit about how I only recently got into the hobby and my journey through the three UK licence levels.


I hope they paid you. I got a fee just for having my photo being used without doing any writing. Which was nice!

Hi Andy, I believe “the cheque is in the post”… payment was going to be made after publication.

I’m going to donate it to NEWSAR (the Mountain Rescue Team I am a member of).

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Well done! Very inspiring indeed!
Postman just dropped it before lunch so I looked at the article while eating.

I hope I’ll the same fun as you had with you SOTA explorations! (Im currently a snail not a goat for sure!) But portable use and especially SOTA makes you keen to be a bit more physically active.

Cheers Gerald.

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I noticed they spelled your name incorrectly! :smile:

I’m gonna look forward to reading it though.



:sigh: Did they really? It should be Davison with no “d” in the middle.

Disappointing if that’s the case. Happens all the while though. If someone can scan it and send it to me I’d love to see it. To try to avoid the robot email collectors… I have a gmail address. First bit is gerald.davison


Not sure I should admit this but I’m not an RSGB member so I won’t get a copy!

Hi Gerald,

You can have my copy if you want, I’m registrard blind so I can’t read it anyway :frowning:

Please send me an email to my address as shown on with your details if you would like my copy.

73 de Mick M0MDA

What a very kind offer!

I’ve just asked the RSGB if they will send me a copy. I’ll give them a little while to reply, if they say no I will take you up on that. Thanks

It’s not a problem. I can post it to you. I normally stick it on eBay but your welcome to it. Let me know before Monday night, if I don’t hear from you I’ll put on the bay.

73 Mick

They have a mixture of both I seem to recall.

LOL! All the best Davidsons have a “d” in the middle. :smile:

Actually, the spelling of your name is wrong only on the Contents page. In the article itself and in your email address they got it right!

Very well done on the article … excellent publicity for SOTA,

Walt Davidson (with a d) G3NYY

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Oh no… not “D envy!”.

My last name is “Cridland”… I get Gridland, Cridlumps and the best letter started “Dear Mr. Gridlock”.

Anyway - back on topic - yes Gerald an excellent article. I dare say some newbies will join SOTA as a result.



Can somebody scan and upload the article? Quite hard to get RadCom on the continent… :wink:

Tnx & Ahoi,

I’m sure someone will but please don’t upload it here. Copyright and such stuff applies.

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What I will do, to get around the copyright issue, is to upload the final article text, once I can confirm exactly what was printed and they didn’t edit my words down. I’ll include the pictures I sent in as well. So it won’t be a copy of the page, it will be just what I wrote. I don’t think that causes a copyright issue as it is mine… unless someone knows better? I didn’t sign any sort of contract with exclusivity clauses in it (well no contract at all actually!).

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Looking forward to reading the genuine article!


It’s almost certainly not yours. Radcom normally take all rights in return for paying you.

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[quote]I didn’t sign any sort of contract with exclusivity clauses in it (well no contract at all actually!).
To me it looks like Gerald granted RadCom rights to publish his article. But that’s the German view on copyright laws.